IMPORTANT WARNING: Using our Services and This Website, You are Legally Bound to follow our Company Rules!
updated on 13 March 2023

Our company SUNPAL ENTERPRISE will not hesitate to SUE you or Find you Responsible for Deliberate damage to the vehicle caused by the action of alcohol or drugs or negligence of the renter, such as carelessness, dozing off during driving, Fatigue driving, on the phone while driving, not operating according to traffic signs, speeding, dangerous or negligent driving, refueling error, you as the renter will bear the total cost of repairing Legal Cost, Or other cost being done on our Vehicles.

(1) * Rental Car Document
Your booking details will be sent to you immediately to your email after receiving your booking.  You will need to fill the form with complete information such as a) local renters: full name, phone number, and email address.  b) Overseas renters: full name, phone number, and email address. Please ensure that you carry a valid driving license and id passport when driving our rental car. Please get in touch with us if you have questions. Customer Service at + 6012-960-8400.

(2) * Driving license * ID Passport
The minimum driver age of our rental car is 22 years old.
The driver MUST hold a driving license WITH a minimum of one year of driving experience.
The driver’s license must have a photo of the driver’s face, and the driving license must provide us with the driver’s full details.

(3) * Vehicle performance & Model
Each of our rental cars has its maximum capacity for passengers and luggage. Please choose the best suited for you and your passengers.

(4) * Deposit requirements
During Checkout, you are required to pay the rental plus a security deposit of Rm200 for normal Vehicles and Rm300 for Premium Vehicles.

a) Cash Payment or Bank Transfer/Credit Card – Mastercard / Visa / Debit Card
b)We accept Credit cards and Debit cards, the credit card holder must be the primary MAIN driver.
c)Credit cards must be issued payment under the cardholder’s name.

(5) * Fuel policy
It would be best to fill the car’s tank when it is almost empty during your ride; otherwise, you may be charged the corresponding petrol costs. e highly recommend that customers return the car to us with a 2 to 3-bar fuel tank.

(6) * Calculation Term Car Rental
The minimum rental period is calculated based on 24 hours a day basis.

(7) * State / National Cross-border tourism
All cars cannot be driven into Sabah, Brunei, and Indonesia.
Our cars can not be used to travel anywhere further than KUCHING without pre-approval from us.

(8) * Flights delayed / late
Suppose you book through our website. Please ensure the correct booking dates. We are not responsible for any late collection or missed collection.

(9) * Mandatory local fees
The customer is responsible for all speeding tickets; parking and traffic fines; and any related administrative costs you may incur while on your road trip using our rental cars.

(10) * Other additional charges are to be paid
* Outside Business hours costs
* Remote car expenses (for picking up the car at other locations)
* Pick-up service

(11) * Smoking Policy
All vehicles are designated as NON-SMOKING cars. If you violate the policy, Rentgo may Fine up RM250 for cleaning and removing the odour.

(12) * Cancellation Rental Car policy
FULLY PAID at the time of booking, Reservations cannot be canceled, Only DEPOSIT for bookings can be refunded.
NO-SHOWS: Refunds will not be given for no-shows.

(13) * Extension Of Rental
The notice MUST be given as soon as Possible 24 HOURS in advance.

(14) *Late Payment Fees
Make sure you make your rental payment in full as soon as possible to avoid late payment fees. Not doing so and If payment is not complete or not made during the day of the extension a service charge of Rm50 per day or the deposit will be forfeited with the recovery of the vehicle.

(15) * Vehicle Condition
All cars have to be returned in the same condition as when it was rented out to you. Failing this, the renter will be held responsible for repairing the vehicle to its original condition.

(16) *Illegal modification of components removed car rental
To ensure no changes are made to the vehicle or any removed parts, the company reserves the legal right to penalise the driver.

(17) * Out-of-operation office hours fee
Our Operation office hours are 9:00 AM to 6 PM
, After 7 PM to 12 AM Will be an extra charge of MYR 50

(18) * Other
* Any foreign projects, including durian, vomit, animals, etc., are not allowed to emit a foul smell in the vehicle; the renter is responsible for fees from RM300 and above for us to eliminate the stench. The renter is not allowed to smoke inside the car to avoid the smell of cigarettes attached to the interior of the rental car.

(19) *Car Battery
*Before turning off the engine, please check the lights in the car are completely switched off; if you did not turn them off, you will charge at least MYR 300 to change or charge back the battery.

(20) *Tire puncture
If the tire is naturally punctured during driving, the driver must fix the puncture the tires immediately near a car workshop.

(21) *Emergency Hotline
*Please call the Rentgo Car Rental number. In the event of an accident, Lodge a police report at the nearest police station within 24 hours, you may contact 012-960-8400 (RentGo Customer Service) or 016-800-8400 (SUNPAL ENTERPRISE).